Boxing: The biggest moments in boxing history

Mike Tyson

One of the most celebrated sports in sporting history has to be Boxing. It is a sports full of drama at times, with boxers facing off one another and squaring off on social media much before they meet at the ring. This is Boxing, and the history that it enjoys. 

There are some events that have shaped up boxing, and also people who shaped up the sport to what it is today …Mohammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Vladimir Klitschko, Anthony Joshua and the list goes on. From epic KOs to cheating fights, Boxing is the sport that keeps people talking. Maybe this is the reason that boxing is one of those sports that nets in the most bets? 

Bottom line is, boxing is a sport of warriors, titans if you will. Cut throat from the first day that the boxing match is announced.  The trail of social media posts leading to the fight is surreal, but to be fair, the real magic happens in the ring, and so does the drama. So without further chit chat, let’s get to some of the most epic and most talked about moments in boxing history.  Some of the real matters that have shaped up what Boxing really is to all of us today. 

The day that Muhammed Ali lost his boxing license

Deemed as the godfather of boxing, Mohammed Ali was a star from the very first time he appeared on the boxing ring. Nicknamed ‘The Greatest’, he eas the envy of many established boxers and the hero of new and aspiring ones. Yet Ali did have his fair share of drama in the days. During 1967 he was the heavyweight champion, and it was during that year that he was drafted to join the Vietnam war. 

Being a philanthropist and the good soul that he was, Ali refused to join the draft, and did not appear when his name was called. Ali stressed that the only fighting he did partake in, was that of boxing, the sport he loved, and declared his non acceptance of war. This resulted in a 3 year ban on boxing for Ali, where he spent the 3 years preaching about peace, boxing, social injustice, and anything in between, just enough to survive, pay bills and place food on the table.

His reinstatement meant that Ali lost the best 3 years of his boxing career, all whilst his colleagues moved on with their boxing careers. 

Mike Tyson’s revenge on Evander Holyfied.

If you know about heavyweight boxing, you would know very well that there are some fights that we just want to see happen. This was the case with Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. If we had to draw a picture of what this looks like today, we’d say that a Joshua vs Fury would draw the same hype. 

In 1996 the two met after much anticipation and media hype. It was an intense fight, with both boxers having their good days far behind, yet Holyfield won with a Technical Knockout (TKO) during the 11th round. Tyson’s bruised ego demanded a rematch, just like most heavyweight boxing matches do, especially when belts and titles are involved. Tyson complained to the referee that he had suffered a cut via Holyfield’s headbutt. When the referee did not take much action, Tyson decided that he needed his revenge. In a very defining moment in boxing history, the ring stood still as Tyson closed on his opponent and chewed off half of his ear, spitting it in the middle of the ring. The referee only penalized with 2 points, igniting Tyson furthermore, and resulting in the other ear being chewed off.  Many sites that offer betting on boxing would never have offered you such odds could happen, that is for sure.

Tyson was banned from boxing and handed a hefty $3 Million fine. The aftermath of this event was harsh on boxing, and started off the boxing is a blood sport era. 

The Emile Griffith vs Benny The Kid Paret

We did mention earlier that boxing is a rough sport, not for everyone. The boxing that we see today on our television screens is a far cry from the boxing that we saw a solid 30 years ago. Today the referee is empowered to not take any risks when it comes to the safety of boxers. It is not an easy task. Boxers will tell you that sometimes boxing will give you that adrenalin rush, and stopping a fight is a hard task. Yet, the referee is there to stop a fight, multiple times in today’s boxing rings.

This was not always the case. It was a cold April day in New York when Emile Griffith squared off with Benny the Kid Parent. Through the match, it was evident that Griffith had the upper hand. He punched and punched, a good 20 punches into Parent’s face. His opponent was unconscious half way through, yet Griffin continued to punch away, until Parent’s lifeless body laid in the corner. He was dead. Dying on live television, as millions of viewers worldwide cheered to 2 boxers on. 

If you had to ask us when was a defining moment in history, we’d mention this one right here. The day a boxer had to die for boxing federations and unions to empower the referee more, and to stop fights more often. No betting site will give you the odds of which life will be lost in the ring. And this is how it should be, we box each other, we hug one another at the end, and shake hands on a rematch. 

Carlos Manzon, Argentine’s sweetheart murders his wife

If you look up the name of Carlos Manzon in Wikipedia, you will clearly see that he was Argentina’s biggest sporting hero. Before Diego Maradona that is. He was a champion and lived life as a champion. Women, actresses, the high life, the joys. However, as a champion, Muniz was married and had a family, yet still wanted to enjoy the fun of what life has to offer.

Manzon very publicly beat his wife, the champion was not a champion anymore, but morphed into a wife beating monster. A picture of domestic violence. His spat with his spouse resulted in her shooting him in the leg, and him enduring hours long of therapy and operations. After that Manzon embarked on a public affair with his movie co-star Suzanna Gimenes, and she too suffered from his beatings. 

Returning home, Manzon and his wife’s fight hit a record high, and after beating and strangling her, he killed her by throwing her off the second floor. Receiving an 11 year sentence for her murder, Manzon was killed in  road accident visiting his family years later. 

Ray Mancini kills Kim-Duk-Koo

Nowadays boxing hosts 12 rounds, all of 3 minutes each. But this was not always the case. Wayback in the 80s, the sport had 15 rounds, an additional 3 rounds to the traditional match we are all accustomed to now. Today’s boxing match will most probably finish after 7-9 rounds max. It is already a stretch at 12 rounds let alone enduring the beating of 15 rounds. 

Ray Mancini was deafening his lightweight title and belt when he met Kim-Duk-Ko in Las Vegas. Mancini was well accustomed to boxing and also to the 15 rounds a match demanded. Kim-Duk-Koo was the challenger, a newbie if you will. He still fought endlessly, yet collapsed during the 14th round. It was a match that should have been stopped many rounds ago, yet it continued. Kim-Duk-Koo collapsed in the middle of the ring, with no sign of life. He had suffered a massive brain injury, and if he lived, his life would not be the same. He passed away in hospital 4 days after the match. The South Korean Boxer was 27. 

Another match that defined the tone of how the media portrays boxing. The death of Kim triggered new laws to be implemented in the boxing world, starting off with reducing the number of rounds from 15 to 12. 

The questionable suicide of Edwin Valero

Edwin Valero was a promising boxer from Venezuela. Having held the WBA featherweight titles from 2006-2008, he was what every Velezuelean athlete hoped to be. Ruthless in the ring and outside of the ring,. Valero was accused of assault and domestic violence by many. 

It was quite clear that Valero beat his wife, to the extent that he had to be treated in hospitals many times. Giving one statement and then another, the rage against his wife continued, especially in the hospital. The beatings continue until Valero stabbed his wife to death.  Once arrested, Valero was taken to prison, yet was found hanging in his cell the next day.

Some call Valero’s a suicide. Others are sceptical of suicide and feel that Valero was murdered, 1 day shy of being in prison. Who knows?

Antonio Margarito’s plaster scandal

Fair or not cheating happens in every sport. Some athletes failed doping tests, whilst others like Antonio Margarito are caught with plaster underneath their boxing gloves. Well, actually it is only Margarito who we do know about that pulled such a stunt. 

It was in 2009 that Margarito met Shane Mosely for a title boxing match. Mosley’s trainer noticed a surreal power in Margarito’s punch. After investigation, it turned out that Margarito was using plaster of Paris. Once mixed with how own sweat, the substance hardens, allowing the boxer to punch with an immense force. A defining moment in Margarito’s career, that caused him a 1 year ban from the sport. 

Following this incident, many questioned Margarito’s past victories, theorising that his illegal stunts could have been happening for quite some time.

Now that we have talked about Boxing and some of its biggest scandals, we want to assure you that the sport is a fun one. It is a much cleaner sport that it was before, a sport that us fans can enjoy. From the moment a match is announced to the actual main event.  You will find many sites that offer betting in sports. Find your athlete and go all in.