Live Football, Lafayette vs Sacred Heart 2014 Results

On the 7th of September 2014, The Lafayette Leopards were defeated in enemy territory by the Sacred Heart Pioneers.

Weather seemed to be a factor, delaying the games start 35 minutes due to thunderstorms and again forcing a 20 minute delay during half time.

When the two defending conference football champions met on Saturday we saw the Pioneers take victory 27-14.

Sacred Heart’s quarterback was the star player of the match, running two touchdowns as well as throwing another.

It looked like it was off to a dominant start for the Pioneers with Noel throwing a touchdown pass to Tyler Dube however, The Leopards running back Ross Scheuerman wasn’t going to let this go, securing a 90 yard kick-off return.

By half time it looked to be slipping away from the leopards as Chris Rogers had kicked a pair of field goals as well as a 7 yard run by Noel bringing the score to 20-7 going into the second half.

Drew Reed attempted to bring the Leopards back by throwing 24 yards to Brian Keller. However, it was too little too late as the team were unable to find another score in the final quarter.

Meanwhile Noel was able to run his final touchdown securing the victory for the Scared Heart Pioneers in their home town.