How do you get a boxing license in Iowa?


Are you in Iowa and in need of some boxing? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here we will discuss all the requirements and step-by-step of getting a boxing license in the state of Iowa, which you should know it’s mandatory. 

As stated in the boxing, mixed martial arts, and wrestling legislation of the Iowa Code 2022, first, you should know that before competing in any professional boxing match, a person must submit an application to their home state commission if they want to box professionally in the state of Iowa, United States. 

This person must submit an application in the state of Iowa, where they intend to box if their native state does not have a boxing commission.

Getting a promoter bond for boxing, wrestling, and MMA

If you want to get a promoter bond, the Iowa Code 2022 clearly states that it is mandatory to first obtain a license from the commissioner.

As stated before, the license is mandatory. According to Section 90A.2 of the Iowa Code, the State Commissioner of Athletics’ licensing prerequisite is this surety bond. 

Nonetheless, it is important for you to understand that this bond will also give you some other benefits, such as assisting you in properly carrying out your tasks and assisting you to keep your permit active and in good standing with the Iowa Athletic Commission.

What are the promoter’s responsibilities

The promoter’s responsibilities for boxing and other sports are the following:

  • Conducts, plans, hosts, or promotes a mixed martial arts, boxing, or wrestling match.
  • Charge a viewing fee for professional boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts matches broadcast by closed-circuit, pay-per-view, or another similarly disseminated signal.

How much does the bond cost?

The total sum is $5,000 for the bond.

Those with high credit ratings can be qualified for low bond premiums.

Nonetheless, to find out how much you must pay, request your FREE quote.

What are the terms of the boxing promoter’s bond?

A corporate surety with permission to do business in the State of Iowa, such as the Surety Bond Authority, should be the one to issue the bond.

The surety bond must be submitted on a form provided by the state’s athletic commissioner. Make sure to address checks payable to the State of Iowa on the surety bond.

According to Section 90A of the Iowa Code, the rules and regulations of the Iowa Athletic Commission, as well as all other applicable rules, are to be followed by the licensed boxing, wrestling, and mixed martial arts promoter.

A party that has been wronged may make a claim against the surety bond if the licensed Boxing, Wrestling, and Mixed Martial Arts Promoter violate the law within a 30-day notice.

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Registration of professional boxers

Now, if you are a professional boxer, you should know that every professional boxer who calls Iowa home must register with the commissioner. The registration application must be in the format specified by the commissioner, and it must be submitted with the fee outlined in the commissioner’s rule. 

The following information is only a sample of what the commissioner may require:

  • The name and address of the boxer.
  • The gender of the boxer.
  • The fighter’s birthdate.
  • The boxer’s social security number or, if he or she is from another country, any comparable citizen identity number or professional boxer number from that nation.
  • If the boxer is enrolled with a professional boxing registry recognized by the organization of boxing commissions, the boxer’s unique identity number.
  • A recent picture of the boxer in two copies.
  • A valid photo ID from the government that includes the boxer’s picture and social security number or another comparable international identity number.

Bear in mind that a boxer who has registered in accordance with these steps will get an identification card from the commissioner. 

The validity of a registration issued under these instructions is two years from the date of issuance and could take over 30 days of processing time.