Live Football, James Madison Vs Lehigh Results 2014

On the 6th of September 2014, the James Madison Dukes managed to claim victory over hometown favourites Lehigh Mountain Hawks.

The victory came in impressive fashion, with the Dukes coming from behind, securing two final attempts. The first a 98 yard scoring drive and then a chip shot field goal. This put the Dukes ahead 31-28.

The Hawks had quite the lead at half time, with the score being 21-10. However, the Dukes were not going to let this one go so easier. Running back for James Maddison, Juan Latney managed to score from the 6 to cap the 98 yard grinder of a drive towards the later end of the match.

Freshman John Miller pulled out all the boxing punches towards the end of the game, rushing for 60 of his 106 yards on the final drive.

Being down on the scoreboard, Lehigh had one last ditch attempt left in them to secure the game. The Hawks attempted one last drive with four minutes left on the clock, they were able to advance to the 10, lining up a fourth down field goal with less than a minute remaining in the game. However, any hope of this game tying play was spoiled when James Maddison cornerback came around from the left side to block the 27 yard shot.

While it was a bitter ending for a game the Hawks had started in dominant fashion, their Quarterback Nick Shafnisky still managed to put on a great performance, passing for 214 yards and two TDโ€™s. He also ran for a total of 121 yards.