The Most Famous Boxers With a Penchant for Gambling

Mike Tyson

It doesn’t come as a surprise that many famous boxers are also passionate about gambling in their spare time. Their profession is filled with adrenaline and uncertainty. So, betting and gambling seem like a logical choice for relaxing activities when they aren’t in the ring. Therefore, it’s highly likely that many of them opt for free spins no deposit bonuses when joining a new online casino so they could try out different online slots. Moreover, it’s also very likely that these famous athletes also pick the same games as any regular Joe or Jane and spend time playing poker, baccarat, or blackjack.

What is more, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that these sports celebrities also go for online operators that offer a fast payout since they would want to get their hands on their prize as soon as possible. And even though many of their fans imagine them as deities that do some extraordinary activities in their free time, the truth is that they are very much like their fans in that aspect. Some boxers would rather spend their free time over a game of Texas Hold’em than being on an exclusive event that most of us only dream of. 

Below, you will find a list of the most popular boxers that are also passionate gamblers. 

Mike Tyson – The Slots King

No matter if you are someone who is up to date with the latest boxing news or you just like to watch an occasional big fight, the chances are that you know who Mike Tyson is. And besides being one of the most popular boxers of all time, Mike is also known as a dedicated casino player. In his prime, Iron Mike used to go out with his crew and enjoy hours in the casino. He would play slots and table games including poker and blackjack.

Unfortunately, he should have used his skills only in the ring since his gambling adventures were not that successful. Still, he is a legend to this day with a massive following on social media. He might not enjoy gambling that much now that he has tamed his adventurous spirit, but he’s probably visited an online casino to spin the reels here and there. The fun fact is that there are online slots with his name. So he might throw a couple of punches when spinning the reels.


Floyd Mayweather – The Gambling Master

Another one of the greats that like regularly visiting casinos and betting is Floyd Mayweather. The talented boxer is known for his lavish lifestyle and he enjoys regular visits to Las Vegas casinos. As he is always seeking a thrill, it’s normal that he visits gambling venues where he can try his luck. While casino games do offer some fun, he’s much more interested in sports betting. 

Mayweather is known for placing bets that count millions. It’s not as big of a surprise when he managed to earn several hundred million dollars so far. Like many other football stars, it’s certain that Mayweather will keep seeking excitement at the casino and sports betting. His followers on Instagram and Twitter can see how successful he is as he shares his successful bets over there.

Evander Holyfield – The Casino Lord

Holyfield used to be a force to be reckoned with back in his prime. Besides all the success and fame, that also meant that he has earned a lot of money. One of the ways in which the famous boxer relaxed and had fun was by regular visits to Las Vegas and other US casinos. He enjoyed playing a wide range of casino games. That has helped him feed the adventurous spirit that the vast majority of boxers have. Similar to Mike Tyson, who was one of his biggest opponents in the box, he was not very lucky. Still, chances are that Evander enjoys casino games and sports betting from time to time.

Manny Pacquiao – Betting Tzar

Manny Pacquiao is another legendary boxer with a taste for gambling. Unlike the above-mentioned boxers, Manny had a vested interest in betting on cockfights. That is a normal thing to bet on in the Philippines, where he’s originally from. Still aside from cockfights, Pacquiao enjoyed visiting Macau and Las Vegas, two capitals of the land-based gambling world. It was there that he had the chance to enjoy everything that casinos had to offer. He spends hundreds of thousands on these adventures. While he is not as avid a gambler as he used to be, he still plays casino games and bets on cockfights from time to time.

Vinny Pazienza

Even though many famous boxers have proven to be excellent casino players or bettors, that wasn’t the case with Vinny Pazienza. Regardless of his love for casino games, he proved to be a very poor player. 

It was hinted that his passion for gambling started when he began investing in the stock market. But unlike experienced casino visitors, Vinny failed to understand that being a good casino player also means knowing how to manage your budget properly. His favourite casino games were table games like roulette, poker, and blackjack. 

Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya has been known to be a dedicated gambler and punter. According to various sources, his favourite casino game is baccarat. In addition, it is claimed that he once played a baccarat game on which he staked over $20,000.

Tyson Fury

Many believe that Tyson Fury is the greatest boxer of British origin. Moreover, there are also those who claim that he was also a dedicated gambler at the beginning of his boxing career. Even though many claim that he has stopped gambling completely, there is still the question of whether he truly stopped or he just does it away from the public eye.

Why Do Professional Boxers Enjoy Gambling?

It’s not only that boxers enjoy gambling. Many other professional athletes do the same. While many would think that it’s about the money, it actually has to do a lot with the psychology of athletes. Their competitive nature is what gets them attracted to online and land-based casinos. There, they are competing against the system, trying to beat the odds that are never in their favour. The same applies to betting. Athletes like betting as it is also partially skill-based. When you add to the equation that they always earn a lot of money, you get jaw-dropping news stories of professional athletes spending millions on a single bet.


Boxing is a thrilling and strategic sport that requires quick reflexes and fast thinking. Those are the main ingredients for any avid casino lover. While less strategic games cause an adrenaline rush, games such as poker and blackjack have unique strategies that can improve players’ odds of winnings. These are all the reasons why someone who’s a professional boxer might enjoy casino games and betting more than the average player. Just like it’s necessary to be extreme with sports such as boxing, they transfer that to the casino games and are ready to gamble millions.

When you add their competitiveness, it’s obvious why so many boxers and professional athletes from other sports enjoy various forms of gambling. It’s another challenge for them to conquer. That’s why we’ll keep hearing interesting stories of popular sports players enjoying their gambling adventures.