What Is Next for Tyson Fury?

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury is currently ranked as the world’s best active heavyweight boxer and one of the top fighters at any weight. H

is a dramatic win against Deontay Wilder won him the WBC Championship which he then retained against the same fighter, but what happens next? Has the Gypsy King retired or will we finally see him take on Anthony Joshua in one of the biggest events in the history of boxing?

A Fight with Anthony Joshua May Be on the Cards

The proposed showdown between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua is one of the most eagerly-awaited fights of recent years. Yet, at the time of writing it seems increasingly unlikely to occur despite it being called a “done deal” by promoter Eddie Hearn last year. 

It seemed that everything was in place for this bout to take place, with contracts signed for the two British fighters to battle it out over two bouts. Dates were first agreed for mid-2020 and the first event would have been in Saudi Arabia in August.

But this proposed fight was then put back to later in that year and then pushed back again to early 2021, before it was eventually put on ice after Wilder won his case for a third bout against Fury, which Tyson won. Joshua fought and lost against Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk.

After that third fight against Wilder, Fury successfully defended his title against Dillian Whyte and Joshua has a rematch with Usyk lined up for July this year. So it seems that we’ll need to wait a while longer to see this pair face up to each other in the ring.

If Joshua wins this second bout against the Ukrainian and recovers the world title belts he lost to him last year, we can expect talk of his showdown against Fury to gather momentum once again.

Has Tyson Fury Retired?

In the aftermath of his win against Whyte in front of 94,000 fans at Wembley, Tyson Fury said that he was retiring from boxing. While many analysts have doubted how serious he is about this, it certainly adds an extra complication to his future.

The Gipsy King pointed out that he’s been boxing for two decades and that he’s shortly turning 34 years old. He also reminded fans that he previously said that the third bout against Wilder was going to be his last, but that he’d felt that he owed it to the fans to fight one last time.

Fury said that this was “definitely the end of the Gipsy King” and that he’d gone out with a bang. He stated that he’d achieved everything he wanted to do and was following in the footsteps of Rocky Marciano as only the second heavyweight to retire from the sport undefeated.  

Tyson could soon be forced to confirm his retirement decision, as the WBC are said to be getting in contact with him to confirm whether he is definitely going to retire from the boxing world. 

WBC president Mauricio Sulaimán told reporters that they’ll be getting in touch with the boxer’s camp in the next few days. He said that the organization is happy to see boxers return on their own terms, financially secure and with a future outside the ring to look forward to.

What About His Chances in the WWE?

One possible theory is that Tyson Fury has retired from boxing to concentrate on his WWE career. This is something that dates back to 2019, when he appeared at the side of a wrestling match as a fan but got involved in the ring once the main event was over. 

He then appeared on WWE Raw with an open mic and insulted Braun Strowman before the pair tussled. This led to a match between the two being arranged, at the WWE Crown Jewel event. Fury won the battle by count out and is said to have earned a massive $15 million for taking part. Fury then won with Strowman at his side in a tag team.

After announcing his retirement from boxing, Fury suggested that he would be getting in touch with Vince McMahon to sort out a return to the WWE. Some reports on this subject suggest that the Gipsy King could even take part in July’s SummerSlam event that will be held in Tennessee.

He is also said to have confirmed that he’d like to take part in September’s WWE bouts in Cardiff, Wales. This will be the first time in 30 years that wrestling has been broadcast on a pay-per-view format in the UK and it might be seen as the ideal opportunity for Tyson to take the next step in his WWE career.

There’s no doubt that Fury’s name and charisma could make him a huge attraction in the wrestling industry. It seems certain that we haven’t seen the last of Tyson Fury, but for the moment we need to wait a little longer to find out if we can expect to see him in the boxing ring or the wrestling ring in the future.