Caleb Plant Focused On Caleb Truax Ahead Of Potential Canelo Alvarez Fight


Caleb Plant is only focused on the task at hand despite the looming possibility of a mega fight with Canelo Alvarez.

Plant is set to defend his IBF super-middleweight title against Caleb Truax on Saturday as he looks for his third title defense.

A win there could set the American up for a title unification clash with Alvarez later in the year — especially with the latter holding the WBA and WBC super-middleweight titles and already detailing his goals of unifying the division.

However, he will have to get past Truax first and cannot afford to overlook his opponent in the process.

“That’s where my focus has to be,” Plant told The Ring. “Regardless of how everyone else feels about January 30th, as an athlete, I know the amount of focus it takes to have to get in there, regardless of who’s standing across from me.

“I’m fully focused on Truax. I’m not looking past him, but I am looking through him. I know this has the chance to be a really big year for me. I know that there are big fights on the horizon, but first things first, I have to handle my business on January 30.”

As for how he expects the fight goes, “Sweethands” expects to get the win as usual and doesn’t expect it to go the full 12 rounds either.

“Caleb Truax is going to get his ass whooped for sure, I’m looking to punish him,” Plant added. “I don’t see this fight going the 12 rounds. Like I said with Vincent (Feigenbutz), he or his corner can throw in the white towel, or I’ll throw in the white towel for him.

“I have big things ahead of me. I have a lot of momentum on my side. I know people will think I’ll see Canelo Alvarez in the other corner, but I’ll see Caleb Truax. I won’t make that mistake. I know the dos and don’ts of boxing. You see too many times in boxing when someone loses focus and they pay a price.”

Should Plant come out on top as expected, a fight between him and Alvarez would certainly be an intriguing affair.

Who do you have in an Alvarez vs. Plant matchup?