Chris Eubank Jr. Hires Brian McIntyre Trainer For Liam Smith Rematch

Chris Eubank Jr., Liam Smith

Chris Eubank Jr. has parted ways with Roy Jones Jr. and now has hired Terence Crawford’s trainer Brian McIntyre.

Eubank Jr. is coming off a TKO loss to Liam Smith and the two will rematch on September 2. With Eubank Jr. losing the first fight, he made a change and is now working with Crawford’s team.

“Terence Crawford’s whole team is actually now working with me,” Eubank Jr told Sky Sports. “We’re off to a great start. Obviously we had an amazing result over the weekend and we were in the gym the next day. So I’m very happy.”

Although the switch came after a loss, Chris Eubank Jr. said he thought about switching trainers for a bit now. Roy Jones Jr. wasn’t able to train him for their fight so he is now excited to work with McIntyre.

“I was definitely thinking about it, considering it watching the way they work. Roy told me that he wasn’t able to train me for this fight, he had other fighters and obligations. So the stars just aligned. Bomac was in town and I thought you know what, I like this guy. I like what he’s doing with Terence. Let’s see what we can do,” Eubank Jr. said. “He was ready. He said listen boxing is my life and as soon as this [Spence] fight is done, I’ll be with you in the gym the next day. Which is a sign of a great coach, someone that’s willing to do that. So I’m excited to see how things work out.

“It is refreshing to have a new perspective. A new lease of life. A new challenge. It’s fitting for this fight. Because this is fight is a new challenge. I’ve never fought somebody who has a win over me before. So everything’s good,” Eubank Jr. added.

Do you think Chris Eubank Jr. will beat Liam Smith in the rematch?

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