Devin Haney Hits Out At Critics Following Win Over Jorge Linares


Devin Haney was not pleased with the criticism he received following his win over Jorge Linares.

Haney defended his WBC lightweight title following a unanimous decision victory over Linares this past weekend.

For the first nine rounds, it was all Haney. That was, until he was wobbled at the end of the 10th round by Linares.

Haney didn’t recover by the time the 11th round started as he continued to get hit with shots and started hugging Linares for much of the remainder of the fight.

The decision was still unsurprising as Haney had the fight wrapped up. However, that didn’t stop him from receiving boos and criticism from fans online.

The American finally responded to all the hate in a tweet posted Monday.

“I box for 12 rounds they say I’m boring & I take no chances. I get knockout of the year they say it was against a nobody. I fight one of the hardest punchers in the lightweight division & win the first 9 rounds & decided I wanted to try & go for the stoppage & still its something”

What do you make of the reception to Haney’s win over Linares?

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