Eddie Hearn Downplays Thurman-Garcia Rematch, Hopes To Make Conor Benn-Garcia

Conor Benn

Eddie Hearn doesn’t see the need in making Keith Thurman vs. Danny Garcia 2, instead, he hopes Garcia will face Conor Benn instead.

Benn is one of the top prospects in the sport and needs a big step-up in competition next time out. With that, Hearn says he thinks the Garcia fight makes a lot of sense and is a fight the fans want to see.

“I’d like to see Danny Garcia fight Conor Benn,” Hearn said on The DAZN Boxing Show. “Everyone knows we are in discussions for the Chris Eubank fight, it’s a generational fight that will be one of the biggest of all time over here. But we are also focused on 147 pounds and Conor Benn’s development. The Danny Garcia fight is a tremendous fight for Conor Benn. It’s a very dangerous fight as Danny is a brilliant fighter. I just feel like intriguing matchups is what we want.”

According to Eddie Hearn, if the Garcia fight doesn’t happen, he also likes the Keith Thurman fight for Conor Benn. However, the one fight he doesn’t like is Garcia vs. Thurman 2.

“I kind of feel like Danny Garcia is part of that previous generation of fighters,” Hearn said. “I don’t mean that disrespectfully. I still think he’s a great fighter and he’s a great advocate for mental health, but I look at Keith Thurman now talking about fighting Danny Garcia again at 154. I’m not being funny, but who is interested in that? Unless I’m missing something…

“I’m trying to get Keith Thurman to fight Conor Benn and I’m looking at that fight going wow, Keith Thurman, one time great welterweight, still potentially a great welterweight [versus] Conor Benn, he’s a young, fearless lion from Britain that wants to come over and let’s just have a crossroads fight. I’m looking at Thurman-Garcia 2 and going [puts on a quizzical look],” Hearn later added.

Who would you like to see Conor Benn fight next?