Eddie Hearn Explains Why He Makes Jake Paul A Big Favorite Against Tommy Fury


Eddie Hearn believes Jake Paul is a big favorite ahead of his rumored fight against Tommy Fury next month.

Paul and Fury are set to fight on February 25 in Saudi Arabia after the two have been booked twice prior with Fury pulling out both times. However, it is a scrap both men have wanted and when they do share the ring, Hearn makes Paul a big favorite.

“I make Jake Paul a big favorite in the fight with Tommy Fury. Being around boxing for 35 years, once thing I’ve noticed is [your mental state] is so important, and it is in life. You can have the greatest camp, you can hit your greatest PBs – if you’re not ready to go to war, then everything can change,” Hearn told Boxing Social.

“I honestly believe, call it delusion, call it whatever, that Jake Paul thinks he’s the best fighter in the world. If I was advising Jake Paul, I probably would swerve the Tommy Fury fight because he can make much more money for bigger fights,” Hearn continued. “The KSI-Jake Paul fight is a massive fight. It’s gonna make a lot of money. But he can lose to Tommy Fury. So I think it’s a dangerous fight for Jake Paul, and I respect him for taking the fight. I don’t know enough about Tommy Fury. I’ve watched him. You know, he couldn’t win a British title. He couldn’t do a lot of things. But he can fight. He’s an undefeated fighter. So I like it. I think it’s a good fight. I’m quite fascinated.”

As of right now, Paul is the betting favorite – around -180 – but Hearn thinks it should be bigger as he believes the brash YouTuber-turned-boxer has all the confidence in the world.

Jake Paul is coming off a decision win over Anderson Silva to improve to 6-0 as a pro boxer back in October.

Who do you think will win, Jake Paul or Tommy Fury?