Eddie Hearn Says It’s ‘Inevitable DAZN Will Put On Pay-Per-View Boxing Fights

Eddie Hearn

Eddie Hearn says DAZN will eventually introduce pay-per-view boxing fights.

DAZN partnered with Matchroom Boxing and is in the process of transitioning their introductory price of £1.99 to £7.99. Meanwhile, in the states, the monthly subscription is $19.99 which includes at least 16 Matchroom UK boxing events, as well as other sports on the service. Yet, Hearn says it’s “inevitable” DAZN turns to PPV.

“It’s very important to get the difference of bringing pay-per-view to a platform and bringing it for specific fights,” Hearn said to Boxing Social. “Absolutely 100% the aim of DAZN is to bring you traditional pay-per-view nights we’ve seen in the last five years as part of the monthly subscription.

“They need to have a pay-per-view functionality for unique circumstances, that’s the keyword. When you look at it now, Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua. That is not gonna go as part of your DAZN subscription, being quite frank with you,” Hearn continued. “So you need pay-per-view functionality to be able to do that. They have pay-per-view functionality within their platform. Whyte-Wallin, Chisora-Parker. These fights you used to see on Sky pay-per-view are 100% not part of that vision.”

The news is no doubt disappointing for boxing fans as they already pay a monthly fee for the service, so they’d then have to pay more money for the fight. However, it also goes against what DAZN said recently as they said they had no interest in doing PPV fights.

Eddie Hearn, meanwhile, thinks DAZN will need to do pay-per-view to attract those mega fights to the platform.

“That vision is about providing value for money to subscribers in different ways. Maybe those fights don’t land on DAZN so it won’t exist, but they need to have pay-per-view functionality for unique events,” Hearn said. “Because that model will not work to attract those mega fights. So they want to be in a position to at least be in the game, when you talk about those once in a year, or twice in a year experience. That doesn’t change the plan of taking the events where you would moan about being part of the pay-per-view model and stop making them as pay-per-view, to put them as part of the DAZN schedule.”

What do you make of Eddie Hearn saying DAZN will eventually do pay-per-view fights?

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