Floyd Mayweather Talks Conor McGregor vs. Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has offered his thoughts on the proposed crossover fight between UFC superstar Conor McGregor and eight-division boxing champion Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather previously stopped ‘Notorious’ in his professional boxing debut in 2017. ‘Money’ sacrificed a few early rounds before pouring it on the Irishman who was unable to make it out of the tenth round of their bout.

McGregor announced in September that he is set to crossover into boxing for the second time and face Pacquiao in the Middle East. A spokesperson for the eight-division champion has since revealed that Pacquiao is set to fight McGregor to help raise money for his countrymen who have been impacted by COVID-19.

“For the sake of all the Filipino Covid-19 victims, Senator Manny Pacquiao will be fighting UFC superstar Conor McGregor next year. The huge portion of his earnings will proceed to those who are affected nationwide by the pandemic,” Pacquiao’s office said.

In an interview with USA Today, Mayweather still seemed to be angling for a rematch with McGregor. The 43-year-old pointed out that the former dual weight UFC champion would not make the same money by fighting Pacquiao, he said.

“He’s not going to get the money he got with me if he go with Pacquiao. It’s not going to be as big. You know, it gets no bigger than Floyd Mayweather.”

Mayweather went on to talk about his plans to work with UFC president Dana White.

“Me and Dana talk. I wouldn’t say always, but we’ll text and talk on the phone every once in a while,” Mayweather said. “Dana’s a cool guy, he’s a great guy. And he’s doing a helluva job with the UFC and I’m proud of him. We look forward to working with each other in the future. Are we going to work? Absolutely.”

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