Iago Kiladze Punches Ref After Losing Fight By Stoppage

Iago Kiladze

Iago Kiladze suffered a TKO loss to Viktor Faust on the PBC pay-per-view card on January 1 but after his loss, he punched the ref.

Kiladze and Faust were opening up the card and put on a very fun fight as both men were dropped a few times as the fight had five knockdowns between them. Yet, the ref Burgos stepped in to end the brutal bout with Kiladze looking as if he was off-balance due to damage sustained throughout. After stopping the fight, Kiladze wasn’t happy and gave the ref a mini punch/shove.

After the punch, many media members were critical of Iago Kiladze as some thought he should be fined or suspended for his action. Of course, he was mad at the moment that the fight was off and was also wobbled and not totally in it due to the fact he was dropped three times.

Following the punch, a commentator scolded Kiladze for the move and said that will cost him.

“You cannot do this,” a commentator firmly shouted after Kiladze lashed out and threw the shot. “That’s going to cost him money, you can’t do that, you can’t get violent with the referee.”

After the fight, the ref spoke about his decision to stop the fight and Kiladze punching him in the chest and he says he stands by his decision to wave off the fight.

“Look, this is a man’s game, he’s frustrated, but I stand by my decision in terms of waving off the fight,” the official was quoted as saying afterward.

Iago Kiladze (27-6-1) is coming off the TKO loss to Faust on January 1 as mentioned. Prior to that, he returned to the win column with a TKO win over Mathew McKinney after going 0-4-1 in his last five fights. Two of those losses came to Joe Joyce and Adam Kownacki.

What do you make of Iago Kiladze punching the ref?