Josh Taylor Slams The Judges Of His Fight With Jose Ramirez


Josh Taylor became the undisputed super lightweight champion when he scored a unanimous decision win over Jose Ramirez on Saturday night.

The Scottish standout has plenty to be happy about but feels the judges should have had him winning by a much bigger margin. Tim Cheatham, Dave Moretti, and Steve Weisfeld all scored the fight exactly the same, 114-112 in favour of Taylor. 

At the post-fight press conference, Taylor took issue with the fact that if he hadn’t secured two knockdowns against Ramirez the fight would’ve been scored a draw.

“I had absolutely no doubts in my mind [that I won], but them scores were an absolute farce,” Taylor told “Them scores, so if I hadn’t knocked Ramirez down, that’d have been a draw? That’d have been a draw if I hadn’t knocked him down? That’s an absolute joke. You know, I knew they were gonna try that. But I didn’t make too much [of it].

Taylor was worried about a dodgy judge’s decision heading into the fight but didn’t want to kick up too much fuss.

“I kind of made a little complaint to my advisers, but I said, ‘I don’t wanna complain too much because it may rub them off the wrong way.’ And again, you know, if I hadn’t knocked Ramirez down, it would’ve been a draw, which is an absolute disgrace,” Taylor said. “But I did say it doesn’t matter who the judges is, I was the clear, clear winner in that fight.”

Do you agree with Josh Taylor? Should he have been a much clearer winner on the scorecards?