KSI Plans To ‘Stand There And Fight’ Tommy Fury

KSI Fury

KSI is confident he will shock the world and beat Tommy Fury on Saturday night in Manchester, England.

KSI is a YouTuber boxer who is set for the toughest fight of his career as he takes on Fury on Saturday in the main event of a Misfits boxing card. Heading into the fight, KSI is a big underdog but he is confident he has all the tools to shock the world.

KSI believes if he goes at Fury and brings the fight to him, that will be the difference-maker.

“I’m going to just stand there and fight him, Jake ran away from Tommy’s combinations. I’m not running away, I’m standing in the middle of the ring and I’m fighting him,” KSI said to The Mirror. “I’ve watched [Fury and Paul’s fight] many times, every angle on slo-mo, every stance, every little bit of detail that I need to know in order to beat Tommy Fury. Tommy has got some certain combinations that he likes doing that he’s pretty good at and we’re looking out for that.

“Obviously he’s a big guy that likes to clinch so we’re going to be watching that and we’re going to fight him. Just go in there and fight, go crazy, it’s simple. I’m going to test that chin and I’m going to show him that my power is different to Jake Paul,” KSI continued.

If KSI does beat Tommy Fury on Saturday, it would be a big win for his career, and he has hinted he would retire after that. Although the Jake Paul fight would be massive, KSI says after Fury there isn’t much else left for him to do.

Do you think KSI will beat Tommy Fury?

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