Logan Paul Would Box Mike Tyson ‘If People Would Watch That Fight’

Logan Paul Tyson

Logan Paul is down to box Mike Tyson if that’s what the people want.

Last month, it was rumored that Paul’s next opponent in exhibition boxing would be none other than the former heavyweight champion in Tyson.

Nothing is official yet and Paul has remained coy about it so far. However, that changed when he was recently asked about the rumors.

Although he didn’t seem as enthusiastic about the idea given Tyson’s age, it’s certainly something he would do if there was a significant interest from the public.

“What happens if I beat Mike Tyson? I beat up an old man, that’s not cool,” Paul said (via Michael Benson). “Do people wanna watch that? I’m telling you, I would f***ing beat Mike Tyson. If people would watch that fight, yeah I’d do it.”

As far as Tyson is concerned, he has made subtle hints about facing Paul himself. He also revealed his next fight would ideally take place in February.

It would certainly be interesting — as well as lucrative — if his next opponent ended up being the YouTuber-turned-boxer.

Tyson returned to action in November last year when he boxed Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition boxing match.

Would you be down to see Logan Paul box Mike Tyson?

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