Luke Keeler Plays Down Conor McGregor Boxing Match: ‘More Chance Of Him Going To Prison’

Conor McGregor

Luke Keeler does not expect to be boxing Conor McGregor but hasn’t completely ruled it out.

It was recently reported that McGregor was in talks to face the Irish and WBO European middleweight champion in a boxing match in Dublin later this year. That was after Keeler criticized the fellow Irishman for his attack on an old man earlier this year.

But while there were talks, Keeler does not see it happening at least in the near future:

“There is more chance of him going to prison or rehab than fighting me, but you never know,” Keeler told “No, seriously, there have been talks but the team decided to focus on a world title fight as it’s close to being agreed.

I honestly don’t think he is in any position to fight anytime soon. I’ll pick up the world title and he can get himself right. When they both happen there will be more chance of it happening. I’m focusing on my own end of things now.”

When McGregor initially tweeted about Dublin in December 14, many expected him to return at UFC 245 which takes place the same day, albeit in Las Vegas. However, if he was referring to a boxing match with Keeler, it would likely overshadow the end-of-year UFC event. For now, nothing is confirmed.

Do you think McGregor will box Keeler? Are you interested in seeing it?