Mike Tyson Is Selling Ear-Shaped Weed Gummies

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson‘s cannabis brand has created an ear-shaped weed gummy to sell.

It was revealed earlier this week and immediately many fans were excited about it as it comes nearly 25 years after Tyson was DQ’d from his heavyweight title fight by biting Evander Holyfield’s ear. The moment is still one of the most popular and memorable in all of boxing and now his company has released weed gummies. The ear also has a piece missing from it.

Tyson also followed up on social media saying “these ears actually taste good!”

The gummies will be sold at dispensaries in California, Massachusetts and Nevada.

There’s no question this will be a highly-sought-after as people will want to try them and own them. Tyson will also be marketing it a ton to get them sold, and it is a genius idea from the former heavyweight champion.

As for his boxing career, Mike Tyson last fought in an exhibition bout against Roy Jones Jr. in November of 2020. Tyson did better as expected and the fight went the distance and was ruled a draw. However, he recently revealed he is still owed money from the fight.

“Most of it, but there’s still a bunch that’s held up and I can’t even say anything about this. Yeah, it was really tricky,” Tyson said on The Full Send Podcast (via BoxingScene).

Mike Tyson also says he’s uncertain if he will ever box again.

now, I don’t think I will [fight] either but you never know again.  Every 12 to 13 months, boom, something is missing. Like, something is missing,” Tyson added. “Boom, I’m missing muscle mass, boom, it’s always something different. Guys want to fight me for $100 million. I don’t think I’ll ever do stuff like that anymore. I wanted to do it the first time [against Jones], just for fun, to have fun. Some people took it to another level and made it financial and the fun went out of it.”

What do you make of Mike Tyson creating ear-shaped weed gummies?