Mike Tyson Open To Exhibition Match With Logan Paul

Logan Paul Tyson

Mike Tyson isn’t opposed to being matched up with Logan Paul for a massive payday.

There isn’t any beef between Tyson and Paul. In fact, “Iron” Mike was on Logan’s IMPAULSIVE podcast before. Simply put, Tyson sees the dollar signs when it comes to the popular YouTube figure.

During an edition of his Hotboxin’ podcast, Tyson revealed the dollar amount he’d look for when it comes to an exhibition clash with Paul (h/t Mirror).

“Hell yeah. That would be a lot of money, maybe like $100 million.โ€

Mike Tyson has made it clear that he doesn’t mind social media influencers stepping inside the ring and carving out a niche for themselves.

“That’s just what it is, it’s the changing of the guard, and these TikTok guys are part of it. You understand me, right? They’re a part of it.

“Just imagine this, ten years from now; I want to have all the YouTube boxers have a tournament and find out who will be the champion of the world, of that world.

“But that’s what they do, they have another belt, it’ll be whatever belt they want it to be, and then they put that up against the boxing belt.

“It’s all hype, hype sells fights, fights don’t sell fights, hype sells fights.”

Paul competed in an exhibition bout against boxing Hall of Fame elect Floyd Mayweather back in June. The bout went the distance and no winner was determined.

Tyson has dabbled into exhibition matches himself. Back in Nov. 2020, Tyson went one-on-one with Roy Jones Jr. Just like the Mayweather vs. Paul bout, this one also went the distance and no official winner was announced.

Time will tell if Tyson and Paul will mix it up. Paul recently claimed that his next opponent has already been lined up and it isn’t Anderson Silva.