Oscar De La Hoya Apologizes For Drunken Commentary

Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya has apologized for getting “a little carried away” while commentating on last weekend’s Triller Fight Club pay-per-view which was headlined by Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren.

De La Hoya is set to come back in July and he was hyping up his return as he commentated the Frank Mir vs. Steve Cunningham fight.

The former boxing champion stole the show as Cunningham outpointed Mir over six rounds. However, some fans and fighters expressed there concern for the inebriated De La Hoya who has a well-documented history with drugs and alcohol abuse.

On Thursday, DAZN Boxing released an interview with De La Hoya who addressed the controversy surround his commentary for which he apologized.

“First of all, it’s the Triller effect,” De La Hoya said. “Look, Triller’s doing it huge. They’re combining music, entertainment, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Justin Bieber, and it’s the Triller effect. It’s entertainment and it’s huge, it’s about to do two million homes, it’s trending worldwide. So obviously, I’ve been in beast mode for about six weeks and I got a little into it. I started having a couple of drinks, and then they told me, ‘Hey, why don’t you go and commentate?’ And I was like, ‘Oh man, okay, okay.’

“I got a little carried away and I apologize, but it’s all good. I’m back in beast mode and I’m ready to go. As you know, I’ve been posting pictures and videos of me training, so I’m going to continue that. So it’s on, baby.” (Transcribed by MMA Fighting)

De La Hoya is set to headline a July 5 card set for Triller pay-per-view. Who ‘Golden Boy’ will fight remains a mystery. He has been linked to a fight with former UFC champion, Eddie Alvarez. De La Hoya promises fans will be shocked by who his comeback opponent is.

Who do you think Oscar De La Hoya will fight in his comeback?