Paul Brothers Make Fun Of Tyson And Tommy Fury After Tyson Posts Video About Their Training

Jake Paul

Logan and Jake Paul blasted Tyson and Tommy Fury ahead of Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury on December 18.

Ahead of the fight, Fury is in the United States to train and Tyson is training his half-brother to prepare for the bout. It’s a fight many fans wanted to see and on Monday, the two had their first day of camp which the heavyweight champ said went really well.

“Just finished my first day as a trainer. Really happy with myself and the way things went,” Tyson said in an Instagram story (via Sportbible). “All the boys trained hard. How was it Tommy? How you feeling?”

Tommy replied: “The run this morning was good. Good leg work, feeling good, feeling fit. Trainer T is doing the best job.”

Tyson then asked: ‘What’s happening to Jake Paul?”, to which Tommy replied: “You’re getting knocked spark out. Two rounds.”

After the video, in which Tyson Fury tagged Jake Paul, the Paul brothers then responded in a joking way basically making fun of the two as they also had a British accent.

“Happy with myself as a trainer at this morning’s session, Jake how are you feeling?,” Logan said.

Jake responded with: “I am feeling good yeah I am feeling good, I am eating his a**, oh wait I mean beating his a** inside two rounds.”

Jake Paul enters this fight as a 4-0 boxer and coming off a split decision win over Tyron Woodley. Prior to that, he scored a first-round KO over Ben Askren, a second-round KO over Nate Robinson and a first-round TKO over fellow YouTuber, AnEsonGib. Fury, meanwhile, is also undefeated and coming off a decision win over Paul’s training partner, Anthony Taylor on the same card Paul beat Woodley.

What do you make of Jake and Logan Paul making fun of Tyson and Tommy Fury?

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