Promoter Says Tim Tszyu Won’t Wait Around For Terence Crawford

Tim Tszyu

George Rose, the promoter of Tim Tszyu says his client won’t wait around for Terence Crawford.

Tszyu is set to box Sebastian Fundora on Saturday, after he was originally set to fight Keith Thurman. If Tszyu wins, he would be in line for a big fight next and Rose thinks Crawford could be next.

“Very excited. Very excited,” Rose said. “We’re big fans of what Crawford does as a fighter, he’s brilliant. He’s pound for pound champ for a reason, and it’s a great challenge.”

Although Tim Tszyu vs. Terence Crawford would be a massive fight, Greg Rose says his client won’t be waiting around for the fight, as he says Tim wants to be as active as possible.

“I think it’s a timing thing for Tim,” Rose added. “Tim doesn’t like to sit around and wait for fights, so if there’s nothing happening in the next few months, he’ll be straight back in the ring again. He’ll be defending these two belts he wins on Saturday…

“Tim’s a guy who never backs down, he will take any fight anytime, and he fights regularly,” Rose said. “He stays in the spotlight. He stays in front of people. Tim fights three or four times a year. Now I know that’s not something champions usually do, but for Tim, he’s not a guy to sit around and look at his belts in the house. He’s a guy who wants to get out there, defend his belts, win more, take big fights, take the opportunities, because you can’t do this forever, unfortunately. So he’s going to make the most of it while he’s a young man.”

Tim Tszu is currently 24-0 as a pro and coming off a win over Brian Mendoza.

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