Regis Prograis Believes He’s ‘Going To Destroy’ Jose Zepeda

Regis Prograis

Regis Prograis has all the confidence in the world heading into his fight against Jose Zepeda.

The WBC ordered this fight for the vacant crown at 140lbs where the winner will then fight Jose Ramirez. It’s a crucial fight for the former WBA champion in Prograis who says he has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time to become a world champion again.

“I’m ecstatic,” Prograis told “I’ve waited for this opportunity for a long time. When I was a world champion, and I lost my belt, it was like I fell to the bottom of the pit, and I just clawed my way up, clawed my way up, clawed my way out. And now I am back fighting for another title again to become a world champion. I don’t do this just to become a world champ, I want to be known as the best in my division. I was a world champion and the number one in the world so for me, it’s about getting back to that same spot that I feel like I deserve. This is a chance to achieve that.”

The fight will also be highly-anticipated as both men have a ton of KO power. With that, Regis Prograis knows he has to be wary of Zepeda but is confident he won’t just win but will destroy him.

“Both of us have tremendous power in each hand,” Prograis concluded. “Zepeda has a bunch of crazy knockouts on his record, and I’ve been knocking people out too, so I’ve got to be wary of him and his power. But I have supreme confidence in myself. Maybe this is a flaw of mine, maybe it’s not, but when you tell me I am going to fight somebody, I think I’m going to destroy them, and there is no way this person can beat me. Zepeda is a good fighter, but he has never seen nothing like me before.”

Do you think Regis Prograis will beat Jose Zepeda?