Ryan Garcia Blasts Gervonta Davis As Talks Stall For Fight: ‘No Rematch Clause, Winner Takes All Coward’

Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis may not happen anymore as talks have stalled over a rematch clause.

It was recently revealed that a rematch clause and who would broadcast the fight has caused the talks to stall and Oscar De La Hoya – who promotes Garcia – believes if Garcia wins, the rematch would happen on DAZN and Garci would be the A-Side.

“We’re literally down at the 1-yard line; what’s holding everything up is the rematch clause,” said De La Hoya to ESPN. “It’s only fair if Ryan wins, then our side controls everything as the A-side. This is just the way it always has been. … It’s common sense that whoever wins is the A-side. That’s the bottom line. We’re not reinventing the wheel here.

“Al Haymon is dictating everything. … They’ve asked for this, asked for that. Who comes out first, the penalties if Ryan comes overweight. We’ve given in, we’ve negotiated, and everything has been very pleasant. If Ryan loses, sure, there’s no rematch. It’s been a pleasant negotiation, it really has. I really hope their side doesn’t fumble the ball and we have no Super Bowl. … We at Golden Boy are just protecting our TV partners. It’s only fair that everything gets switched around if Ryan wins. We’re holding strong because we know it’s fair and we feel 1,000% this fight is going to be made and be the biggest fight of the past few years.โ€ย 

As of right now, the fight is not done and Ryan Garcia took to social media to rip Gervonta Davis and said their fight should not have a rematch clause.

“stop running Tank. Stop hiding from me. Stop staying quiet behind Al Haymon. No rematch clause. Winner takes all coward,” Garcia wrote on Instagram.

If Garcia vs. Davis does not happen, the potential next fight is to have Garcia box Regis Prograis. But, as of right now, the hope is to get Davis-Garcia done for April 15.

Do you think Ryan Garcia will box Gervonta Davis on April 15?

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