Ryan Garcia Cites Floyd Mayweather’s Comments For Why Gervonta Davis Fight Won’t Happen


Ryan Garcia doesn’t believe he’ll ever fight Gervonta Davis.

A fight between the two unbeaten lightweight prospects is one the boxing world has been anticipating for a while now.

Given the popularity and star power of both fighters, it’s certainly a contest that can be a lucrative one that captures mainstream attention.

However, Garcia — who plans on returning to action in October following a mental health break — doesn’t expect his opponent to be “Tank” anytime soon.

Why? Because of what Floyd Mayweather previously stated.

“I do beat Davis, I do,” Garcia said on a recent Instagram Live session (via Boxing Scene). “But he’s not going to fight anybody outside of Mayweather Promotions, what Floyd said.

“Gervonta’s just never going to fight, I don’t think, anybody, that [the public] really want him to fight. You guys gotta stop commenting about that because Gervonta is never going to find anybody that you really want him to fight.  So let’s just kill that right now. Floyd gave that away.

“… [Davis] definitely doesn’t want to fight. [He] never did want to fight anybody tough. It’s just not in his nature, I guess.”

Garcia is referring to comments Mayweather made following Davis’ win over Mario Barrios in June.

“We keep everything in-house, Mayweather Promotions, PBC, we’re all one family,” Mayweather said at the post-fight press conference when asked about future fights for Davis. “We’re not going to go nowhere and make another company great. So, we got plenty of fighters at 140, 135, 130, and we’ll continue to fight the fighters we got to fight.”

Hopefully, that doesn’t end up being the case.