Ryan Garcia Details Altercation With Gervonta Davis In ‘The Club’


Ryan Garcia has detailed his altercation with Gervonta Davis which happened in a club.

According to Garcia, he spotted Davis in a club when he approached him about their proposed fight, Davis grabbed his chain. Yet, that is all that happens as Garcia says it did not escalate any further and accused Davis of just acting like a tough guy.

“I actually did see Tank in the club,” Garcia said. “He definitely … he’s definitely … he’s a tough guy. He was very low-key, in his hoodie. I went up to his table … and we said, ‘Yo, are we gonna make this fight happen?’ And I guess he got all offended by that. Got all worked up and I was like, ‘Yo, what you on about, man? Ain’t no respect here? He responds with, ‘Nah, there ain’t no respect here.’ So [I said], ‘Oh, it’s like that. OK, it’s like that.’ Then he grabbed my chain, but I wasn’t worried about [it]. There were so many security guards there. I knew he wasn’t going to take my chain or do anything, really. He just wanted to seem tough.

“So I said, wow, ‘It’s like that, huh?’ And then he responded again, ‘Yeah, it’s like that.’ Then he had to let go and I said, ‘You know what’ — I said something to him. He knows what I said,” Garcia continued. “Not gonna repeat it on Live, but just know, the fight, that’s where it really happens. Outside the ring you can act tough all you want. Inside the ring it all changes.”

There’s no question this will only add to the promotion of a potential Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis fight which would be massive. Both men have said they want it and the hope for boxing fans, is it happens in the very near future.

Garcia is 23-0 and coming off a KO win over Javier Fortuna while Davis is 27-0 and coming off a TKO win over Rolando Romero.

Do you think Ryan Garcia and Gervotna Davis will fight?

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