Teddy Atlas Explains Why He Has No Issue With Mike Tyson Boxing Jake Paul

Mike Tyson

Teddy Atlas doesn’t have an issue with Mike Tyson coming out of retirement to box YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul.

Paul and Tyson are set to box on July 20 in Dallas at AT&T Stadium, while the bout will air on Netflix. It’s a fight that caught many by surprise as most seem to think Paul will cruise to a win, but Atlas thinks Tyson still has power and he can’t be ruled out.

“First of all, he’s actually fighting a guy who finally – I know he’s much older than him – but he’s actually the bigger guy because Paul fights about cruiserweight,” Atlas said on his YouTube channel. “(Tyson) is naturally the bigger guy. He’s fighting a legendary iconic fighter, a guy who’s one of the greatest punchers in heavyweight history, one of the greatest punchers ever – with either hand, and he’s got combinations with speed and power. Yeah, he’s 58 years old. Yeah, the end of his career wasn’t too good before he got out. But one of the last things that go with a fighter, it’s his power.”

Despite Mike Tyson being much older than Jake Paul, Teddy Atlas thinks it still is a tough fight for the YouTuber-turned-boxer as he says Paul has more to lose in the bout which makes it tough for him.

“I think this is a very dangerous fight for Paul,” Atlas said. “I think early on, I think he might be making a mistake. First of all, for me, he don’t have a lot (to win) other than money, and he’s made plenty of money. There’s not a lot of winning on his side because if he wins, they say he’s 58 years old and if he loses they say he’s 58 years old, and he lost to a 58-year-old guy. For me, he’s got a lot more to lose than Tyson – a lot more.

“… There’s nothing to lose for Tyson. If he wins, he’s even bigger. People are going to thank him. ‘Thank you for ending this charade’ – that’s what they’re going to say. ‘Thank you for teaching this guy that you’re either a fighter or you’re not a fighter. You can’t go from being a YouTuber to being a fighter.’ For the people that believe that, that feel that way, that don’t like Paul, they’re going to prop Tyson even higher,” Atlas added.

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