The Highly Anticipated Match Between Jorge Linares And Devin Haney Will Be On DAZN On May 29

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News has come up with a massive storm; the Hanley-Linares fight will be staging soon in Las Vegas. Mike Coppinger and Keith Idec confirmed the report, and the contest will be performed at Michelob Ultra Arena, formerly known as Mandalay Bay Event Center is a risky fight held on May 29, 2021, DAZN. Jorge Linares is going to show his punching moves upon Devin Haney. This is a genuinely solid matchup with 12000 seats already occupied by the desperate fans eager to see them in action.

Prioritizing the boxing event, it is to be noted that Michelob Ultra Arena is located in the Las Vegas strip and is the home arena of many events such as the women’s national basketball association held in this place. The center hosts a series of boxing matches as well other Hollywood or Bollywood high-profile events.

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Who is better in the ring? Is it Devin Haney or Jorge Linares?

Fans say that it will be the toughest competition, as Linares, 35 years old, has better punching abilities and hand speed than Hanley. Hanley has to face a lot of problems while defending his punches and throws. Linares is at par with Hanley in terms of technical abilities, but the worrying still revolves around Linares as he has not evolved and fought events for a year. 

He was last seen a year before when he won a match with Carlos Morales on February 29, 2020. Will the stoppage or inactivity affect his fighting ability? If he performs the same way as he did with Morals, then Haney has to witness a world of hurt in this match. Fans are in a big dilemma and eager to watch the event, praying for the best man to win. Hanley will be defeated by knockout if he fights at the same level.

Linares’ Boxing Experience and Hanley’s Technical Power

Fighters brought problems in Linares’s career, have more punching powers and strength, and are technically brilliant to get up to his chin. Linares started practicing boxing and made his debut by performing through Teiken Boxing Gym in December 2002. At the early age of 17, he was indulged in this sport event as a featherweight. 

The records of 13 fights winning streaks since 2012 of Linares is an overnight sensation and can be titled as the best pound-for-pound boxing prodigy as he steps into the ring. He has won multiple world championships in the three weight classes. Besides this, he has won the title of WBC Featherweight in the year 2007-2008.

On the other hand, Devin Haney had witnessed stardom early when he gained victory with the knockouts on Antonio Moran in a lightweight fight in the USA. The 20 years guy was elevated in headlines due to his career’s best performances, making his fans proud and wild. One of his outstanding knockouts was for his Mexican opponent by delivering a scary final blow in the match’s fifth round. His fans cheered him by saying that his last shot came from hell by backing his opponent in the corner of the ring.

In a Nutshell

Fans of both teams, Haney-Linares, are waiting to see both fighters’ electricity in Las Vegas City. Linares is waiting to unleash his fighting spirit in the ring to break his trademark whirlwind with the most electrifying match with Devin Haney. Fans of Haney have crossed their fingers, praying for Haney to show his deep-down guts to fight with Linares.