Tommy Fletcher Believes People Are Reluctant To Fight Him

Tommy Fletcher

Tommy Fletcher isn’t surprised that several boxers are reluctant to fight him.

Fletcher is 6-0 as a pro and has looked impressive so far in his career. He’s set to return to the ring on Saturday against Alvaro Terrero. Terrero is 5-19-2, which is not the type of opponent Fletcher wants to fight, but he is excited to show off his skills again.

“When you’ve got somebody who can’t punch and all their fights go the distance, they get great experience. When you get somebody who can punch, it is different,” Fletcher told “I’ve done three four rounders and this is my fourth six rounder. I’ve probably only boxed a few rounds across those fights so it’s hard to get experience compared to somebody who will go the distance. It’s much harder. These opponents, you’ve got to try and tee them up and try and nurse them a bit.

“This guy I’m fighting, I’m not taking no chances with him though. None at all. He’s a big guy and I don’t know if he can whack hard or not but he’s gonna come and give it and he’ll be wearing 10oz gloves. You can fight a journeyman and get knocked out so you’ve gotta be on the ball and ready to roll at any given moment,” Fletcher said.

Ultimately, Tommy Fletcher says he is having a hard time getting fights as he says several boxers don’t want to face him.

“Even if you get a phone call asking if you wanna fight some guy who’s just 5-0 but they’re all knockouts, people ain’t silly. When you get to title level and you’re in with a big puncher you have to be switched on. You can’t switch off with any opponent,” Fletcher said.

“I’ve had so many opponents not take it and so many opponents pull out. There’s always levels in boxing though and if I fought for an English title then I’d get an opponent for it. If I fight a ten rounder then I’ll get a ten round level opponent. I’m fighting six round level opponents so the pool of people is much smaller until you get to a higher level,” Fletcher added.