Tyson Fury Claims Tommy Looked Terrible On Purpose To Secure Jake Paul Fight

Tyson Fury, Tommy Fury

Tyson Fury has a reason as to why his half-brother, Tommy didn’t look very impressive against Jake Paul’s training partner and former MMA fighter, Anthony Taylor.

In the lead-up to Fury vs. Taylor, many expected the undefeated Englishman to run through Taylor who is used to fighting at 145lbs in MMA. Yet, Fury didn’t look good at all and went all four rounds to get the decision win. After the fight, however, Fury still made it clear he wanted Paul next which is what he will get.

“It wasn’t my best performance but at the end of the day if it was easy everyone would be doing it,” Tommy Fury said in the aftermath of the Taylor fight. “I’m learning day by day and I’m getting better. There was no danger at all, tonight went the way it went because it’s in God’s hands. Looking at that, Jake Paul should have an easy night so there are no excuses now. You’ve seen everybody in here, I got the biggest cheer of the night. No excuses, no running, no hiding. I want you next you bum! Let’s get it on. It should be easy enough for him, I went four rounds with his sparring partner. It should be no test at all.”

Now that Tommy Fury did secure the Jake Paul fight as they will box on December 18 in Tampa, Tyson shared the reason why he didn’t look good back in August. According to the heavyweight champ, that is because he needed to not look good in order for Paul to fight him.

“Tommy looked terrible on purpose [against Taylor] so he could get this fight, that is what clever people do,” Tyson Fury said at the press conference (via Boxingscene). “Tommy could have his worst night ever and still beat Jake Paul. He could probably turn up with broken ribs, a broken left hand, two left feet, his clothes on back to front and a flue and he would still beat him. That is how confident I am that he can beat Jake Paul.”

Who do you think will win, Tommy Fury or Jake Paul?