Tyson Fury Says ‘There’s Big Pressure’ On Tommy Fury To Beat ‘Decent’ Jake Paul

Tyson Fury, Tommy Fury

Tyson Fury believes Tommy Fury has to take Jake Paul seriously.

Fury and Paul are set to box on February 26 in a fight that has been booked twice prior but never came to fruition. Both undefeated boxers have made it known they will beat the other with ease but Tyson says his brother needs to take Paul seriously as he is a decent boxer.

“I think [Paul is] a decent boxer. A lot of people think he’s just a YouTube person who doesn’t know how to box but I’ve actually seen him training and I’ve actually seen his fights and I think he’s decent,” Fury told Sky Sports. “He’s like a novice professional. He’s only had six fights so he’s exactly as good as he should be at this stage. He’s not an Olympic boxer but then again neither am I.”

Tyson Fury knows Jake Paul has KO power which is why Tommy Fury has to take the YouTuber-turned-boxer seriously. But, Fury is confident his brother will get his hand raised.

“He can’t just go to the ice cream parlor and not train. He’s got to really focus and have the right sparring and everything. He’s got to take it really seriously,” said Fury.  “He’s got to do the job when he’s in there because it’s not just the opponent. If you take the opponent out of the equation. There’s big pressure, a big stadium, top of the bill and all that sort of stuff. The thrills and spills of big-time boxing sometimes get to them so it’s going to be interesting to see if Tommy can handle that pressure, which I know he can, but it’s going to be interesting to see him do it in front of the world.”

Who do you think will win, Jake Paul or Tommy Fury?