Vasyl Lomachenko Says Devin Haney Is His ‘Last Chance’ To Fight For Undisputed Title


Vasyl Lomacenko believes his upcoming title fight against Devin Haney will be his last chance to be the undisputed champion.

Lomachenko is challenging the undisputed lightweight champion in Haney on May 20 at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada. At 35-years-old, Lomachenko knows his time in the sport is nearly over so he believes this scrap against Haney will be his last chance at undisputed gold.

β€œThis chance, this fight, is the biggest moment of my professional career. This is my last chance [to win an undisputed title]. I don’t want to talk about the future. We don’t know the result [yet against Haney],” Lomachenko said in an interview with and other reporters. Yes [this is the most excited I’ve been for a fight]. Because it’s too close. I’ll be honest, this is my last chance to be an undisputed world champion. That’s why it’s very important.”

Lomachenko says this fight against Haney has him extremely motivated due to the fact this is his last chance at gold.

Yet, many point to Vasyl Lomachenko’s win over Jamaine Ortiz in a fight the former champ did not look good. It was his first fight since he helped Ukraine with the war and he believes Ortiz would give anyone problems.

β€œLook, everybody forgets about preparation, and that Jamaine was [previously was] my sparring partner. We had a lot of rounds with him,” said Lomachenko. β€œHe absolutely knew me very well. But it is what it is. I agreed to fight him. He’s a very talented and fast boxer. I think Jamaine Ortiz will be a big problem for any fighter in our weight classes.”

Do you think Vasyl Lomachenko will beat Devin Haney?