Video: Badou Jack Accidentally Slugs Referee During Adonis Stevenson Fight

The WBC light heavyweight title fight between Badou Jack and Adonis Stevenson ended with a disappointing draw, but there was still plenty of action on Saturday night.

Midway through the 12th round, the  referee attempted to separate the two men from the clinch and ended up eating a massive right hand to the face by Badou on accident.

The referee miraculously remained standing and conscious:

Jack was quite remorseful and apologetic for the errant shot, and the referee powered on in spite of the fact that he just ate a huge punch.

The bout ultimately went to the judges scorecards, who scored it a majority draw, meaning Stevenson retains the WBC light heavyweight belt.

Believe it or not, this actually isn’t the first time Badou Jack has hit a referee mid-fight, clocking referee Arthur McKinney back in a January 2017 fight.

Is this just a heat-of-the-moment reaction on Jack’s part? Or is the boxer too reckless for his own good?