Here’s Why Manny Pacquiao Is The Greatest Boxer Of All Time (Videos)

Manny Pacquiao

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To say that Manny “Pac-man” Pacquiao is one of the greatest boxers of all time is an understatement. No other boxer has held a title belt in 8 different weight divisions, in which he has won 10 world titles. His ability to maintain such prestige is largely influenced by his adept knowledge in techniques and quick footwork. However, what is most notable about Pacquiao are the amazing angles at which he plants his powerful punches, finding space wherever and whenever he can.

Throughout his career, Pacquiao has taken advantage of being a southpaw. He takes every opportunity to sneak his left hand at any available opening. Using footwork, he is able to create space to do so. One of his signature moves is the right lead hook, followed by a left straight. Unfortunately for his opponents, this punch has enough devastating knockout power to end the fight. Here are some of his greatest knockouts:

1) Chockvivat, KO In The 5th Round

This fight launched Pacquiao into the spotlight. His opponent, Chockchai Chockvivat was previously unbeaten and considerably more experienced. With a left hook, Pacquiao was able to knock him out and win the OPBF Flyweight title.

2) Ledwaba, TKO In The 6th Round

Pacquiao was only given two weeks’ notice to prepare for this fight. It was his first time to step into the ring after training with his latest trainer then, Freddie Roach. Lehlohonolo Ledwaba was the IBF Super Bantamweight title holder at the time, and had defended the title five times before losing to Pacquiao.

3) Barrera, TKO In The 11th Round

This was Pacquiao’s first time to fight in the featherweight division. This victory was particularly memorable because it was the only KO loss in Marco Antonio Barerra’s career. After a flurry of punches and a few knockdowns, Barrerra stumbled into the ring. Taking no chances, Pacquiao continued to punch him relentlessly, and the fight was eventually stopped by the referee.

4) Velasquez, TKO In The 6th Round

After fighting and losing to Erik Morales, Pacquiao took revenge by winning the International Super Featherweight title. Velasquez was visibly tired from Manny’s relentless punches, most of them aimed perfectly at his head.

5) Morales, TKO In The 10th Round

This rematch proved to be a great opportunity for Pacquiao to take revenge. In this fight, Erik Morales was knocked out for the first time in his fighting career. It was clear that Pacquiao dominated this match, knocking Morales down twice.

6) Diaz, TKO In The 9th Round

This match marked Pacquiao’s move to lightweight. It also showed the power behind Pacquiao’s fast punches, which was unusual since he had moved up a weight class. He went on to win the WBC Lightweight title and became the first and only Filipino and Asian to become a five-division world champion.

7) Hatton, KO In The 2nd Round

This was the fastest knockout for Pacquiao yet.  In this match, he was able to knock Ricky Hatton down in the 1st round but in the 2nd round, Hatton started to retaliate. Unfortunately for Hatton, Pacquiao quickly regained his strength and knocked him out with a left hook just ten seconds before the bell, taking Hatton’s The Ring and IBO Light Welterweight titles. This fight made Pacquiao the 2nd man in history to win world titles in six different weight divisions and lineal titles in four different weight classes.

8) Cotto, TKO In The 12th Round   

Miguel Cotto dominated the fight for the first 5 rounds. Although Pacquiao was able to knock Cotto down in the third and fourth round, the odds were against him. In the 9th round, the fight turned brutal for Cotto. Pacquiao inflicted so much damage that his wife left the arena. Cotto tried to keep on fighting, but Pacquiao proved to be too much for him.

This prompted the referee to stop the fight, making Manny Pacquiao the WBO Welterweight champion, which was his seventh world championship. He was also the first fighter to win the special WBC Diamond Belt, given to the winner of a fight between two high profile boxers.

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