BKFC President Urges Boxers To Join His Promotion: ‘We Pay Better’


Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) President David Feldman has urged professional boxers to join his organization to earn more money than they currently do under traditional boxing promoters.

BKFC initially launched with a lot of MMA talent on their roster. As time goes by more and more boxers are getting involved. The promotion hosted a show last night (BKFC 14) that featured eight fighters with professional boxing experience and Feldman is determined to get even more boxers involved in bare-knuckle fighting.  

“It kinda makes sense, because the first couple shows we used mostly MMA fighters, and that’s why I think we were able to bring over the MMA audience. Now that we’re starting to use more boxers, we’re starting to see some of the boxing audience come over,” said BKFC president David Feldman. “I would say in the beginning we were like 95-5, now we’re like 70-30. Once we get to 50-50, that’s when we know we’re doing something special.”

Olympic bronze medalist Nico Hernandez headlined BKFC 13 despite being a very prominent and undefeated professional boxing prospect. Feldman believes his company can lure more fighters like Hernandez due to the fact they pay better.

“We pay better than most boxing and MMA promotions, unless you get to the high high level, we don’t have the kind of spend to pay the big big names,” said Feldman. “For our prelim into our main card fighters, every one of those fighters are making more than they would at the same level in the other two sports.”

“In a larger boxing promotion, you have to be kind of well-known to advance. I’ve promoted plenty of boxing shows and plenty of MMA shows in which I could make a fight and say this guy is going to win with 99% certainty. In bare-knuckle I can’t do that,” said Feldman. “When you get a guy like Hernandez who comes in with a very upside-down record, and he comes in and I match him up evenly, he has a great fight and actually gets the nod in that fight.”

“If you want to make the kind of money that you deserve to make, and you’re willing to come in and fight your ass off, and you want to make better money and get better notoriety, then you have to fight bare knuckle,” boasted Feldman. “If you don’t mind getting cut, and you’re willing to fight your ass off and get paid what your worth, let us blow you up and make you a star.” (Transcribed by Boxing Scene)

Do you think more boxers will be willing to fight for BKFC?