50 Cent Calls For Celebrity Boxing Bout Against Floyd Mayweather Jr

It looks like Floyd Mayweather Jr may have another opponent lined up when he’s through with Logan Paul, as Curtis Jackson, or better known as 50 Cent has recently stated he’d like to face him in a celebrity boxing match.

This stems from the two being former great friends who hung out with one another each day.

Their friendship started in 2002 because of Mayweather’s fandom for Jackson’s music, so Jackson claims.

According to Mayweather, the tension comes from when Mayweather had to do some jail time back in 2012. While incarcerated, Jackson allegedly tried to remove Mayweather’s promoter and manager under the TMT Promotions Brand.

According to Jackson, there was no formal paperwork claiming it to be Mayweather’s name or brand, and that he had the authority to do so. The two have traded barbs ever since.

Whatever their frustrations with one another are, Jackson would like to squash the near nine-year beef in the ring. Of course, Mayweather is booked against Logan Paul for an upcoming exhibition bout, so it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

Not only is Mayweather facing someone in an exhibition bout, but Paul is much, much bigger than Mayweather, as is Jackson. Therefore there shouldn’t be any issue with weight.

As some of you may know by now, that bout has been postponed, unfortunately. Sources claim it’s Covid-19 related, which is pretty annoying to be honest. Oh well, hopefully they’ll reschedule it.

Jackson stated that he obviously wouldn’t be able to get down to “150 lbs”, or whatever weight Mayweather fights at, and that it’d have to be Mayweather accepting him coming in much larger.

What’s slightly compelling about this is the fact that we all know Mayweather went 50-0 throughout his professional career, but Jackson actually boxed when he was younger. There’s no telling how good he was at it, but he’s got to at least know how to throw a couple punches, right?

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