Adrien Broner Says He Could’ve Made 140, But Reveals It’s Hard To Lose Weight With How It’s Set Up

Adrien Broner

Adrien Broner was supposed to fight Jovanie Santiago at 140-pounds. Yet, the day before the fight, it was revealed the fight was changed to 147-pounds, and many thought that was due to Broner who admitted he has a tough weight cut ahead of him.

Although Broner made 147, he says he could’ve made 140 but says the way proverbial bubble at the Mohegan Sun is made it hard to lose weight.

“We woulda made 140 this fight,” Broner said early Sunday morning at a post-fight press conference (via boxingscene). “But the way this stuff’s set up, it’s really hard for you to lose weight. You really can’t do what you need to do to train and lose the weight. It wasn’t no bags and you really couldn’t do what you need to do to get the last few pounds off. So, it was like, you know what I’m saying? But, of course, we can make 140 – of course.”

Although the fight was moved to 147, Broner still did get the job done. It was a very close fight and many thought Santiago pulled off the upset but the judges scored it for Broner. It was his first win since 2017. However, Broner says if he has to fight in a bubble again, he now knows what to do in order to make weight.

“Now, knowing what I gotta do to make the weight [in a bubble],” Broner said, “I’ll do what I gotta do and make it.”

Broner was also not a fan of the bubble as he compared it to jail.

“The next fight, well, when I come back, hopefully this COVID mess is over with,” Broner told Showtime’s Brian Custer following his victory. “Because, you know, when you get here, you can’t do nothing, you can’t go nowhere. You can’t go nowhere, you can’t see nobody. You know what I’m saying? You can’t do nothing. They watch you. And, I mean, they own you. I felt like I was in jail again.” 

Who do you think Adrien Broner should fight next?