Quinton Jackson Urges Shannon Briggs To ‘Shut His Old Ass Up’

Quinton Jackson

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson wants Shannon Briggs to keep his name out of his mouth.

The wave of celebrities and MMA fighters making the transition to boxing doesn’t appear to be slowing down. We’ve seen YouTube sensations Jake and Logan Paul make quite a splash in the sweet science. Former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva scored a shocking split decision victory over former boxing world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Briggs is known to stir the pot. He’s instigated a confrontation with Vladimir Klitchscko and has made his presence felt as a trainer and personality in the world of YouTube boxing. During an appearance on The Ak & Barak Show, Briggs made a guarantee that he will be fighting “Rampage” (h/t MMANews.com).

“100 percent it’s gonna happen and he said he ain’t backing out. I told his manager. They said ain’t backing out, they said they wouldn’t — he always wanted to try boxing. He said that he’s always been the guy, he said he came to the MMA game, right to the top, going on the same thing he said he wanted to do in boxing.

“So you know me — me and him is a perfect match made and I finally got it desperately.”

Quinton Jackson made an appearance on the DAZN Boxing Show to offer a response (via BoxingScene).

“From what I know, Shannon hasn’t fought in over five years. He smokes a lot of cannabis. He calls it Shannon-buss. He’s just old. He got one foot in a nursing home. He shouldn’t be calling me out.

“I’m older too. But he’s older than me. My last fight was New Year’s 2020 even though you can’t really call it a fight because I got my ass knocked out within like the first two minutes or so. But I still was in training camp.

“We gonna get in there. I gotta shut his old ass up.”