Adrien Broner Says He Needed To Lose 35 Pounds For His Fight Against Jovanie Santiago

Adrien Broner

Adrien Broner is set to return on February 20 against Jovanie Santiago at junior welterweight.

Entering his training camp, Broner said he was a cruiserweight and had to lose more than 35 pounds. He is also confident he will make the weight.

“It’s been 12, 13 weeks,” Broner told “Yeah, I’ve been in camp for a while. That’s another reason why I did a long camp as well. I had to lose a lot of weight. But my weight is good, everything’s good, and I’ll be ready.”

Broner has not fought since he lost a decision to Manny Pacquiao in January of 2019. Since then, he was out partying and admits that is what caused him to gain a lot of weight.

“I had to lose like over 35 pounds,” Broner said. “I was pretty big. Two years and some change off, without going to the gym, running or nothing. Out partying and drinking, and then after the club it’s time to eat. And then after that club, it’s time to eat again and drink. You know how that go.”

Adrien Broner has not won a fight in the four years since his controversial, 10-round, split-decision defeat of Adrian Granados in February 2017. The goal for Broner is to be more active this year and prove he is still an elite fighter. He is also a big favorite in this fight despite the Puerto Rican being undefeated.

“I’m looking to show everybody that Adrien Broner is still here,” Broner said, “and is still one of the best boxers in the world to ever lace up a pair of boxing gloves. So, I can’t wait until February 20th, to put on a great show.”

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