Amir Khan Believes Conor Benn Is Taking A Massive Step-up Against Samuel Vargas

Amir Khan knows Conor Benn is taking a big risk in fighting Samuel Vargas this weekend.

Khan and Vargas fought in 2018 and although Khan got the decision win, he was dropped by the Colombian. Although he got the win, Khan warns Benn that Vargas has fight changing power.

“He can get in there and have a little tear up,” Khan toldΒ Sky Sports. “He can throw a good shot as well. He’s got decent power. I think it’s a massive step-up for Conor Benn. I think Conor will have his hands full in that fight.

“Since obviously after he fought me, he has been in one or two difficult fights, Samuel Vargas, and he’s been beat after I beat him. But I still think he’s a dangerous operator,” Khan said. “You have to stay focused throughout the whole fight, because this is boxing, one punch can change a fight. Samuel has that power, has decent skills, which can cause any fighter problems.”

Despite the fact Amir Khan believes Vargas has fight changing power, he believes Benn will get his hand raised on Saturday.

“Yes, he can,” said Khan. “As long as you believe in yourself, you work hard, you train hard. You always wake up every morning, knowing that one day, where your end goal is. Chase your dreams, chase your goals.”

Although Khan is rooting for Benn on Saturday, the undefeated fighter says with a win he eyes a fight with Khan or Kell Brook.

“I’m not overlooking Vargas, but what doors open after him? I want a big domestic fight still. Someone that I can take that experience off. The Amir Khans, the Kell Brooks. The Josh Kelly fight is still there if he’s still fighting. The Amir Khan fight would be one hell of a fight. That would be a great British clash. Amir Khan was a fighter I looked up to and so was Kell Brook. Why not put me in with one of them after Vargas?”

Do you think Conor Benn will beat Samuel Vargas?