Triller CEO Hopes Evander Holyfield Fights Again: ‘Whether It’s Tyson Or Someone Like That’


Triller CEO Ryan Kavanaugh is still hopeful Evander Holyfield fights again.

Holyfield stepped in on short notice at the age of 58 to fight Vitor Belfort, 44, at Triller’s recent event earlier this month.

There were many concerns leading up to the fight as to whether it was safe for Holyfield to compete against someone like Belfort as well as the damage he could take.

Those concerns were validated when Belfort dropped Holyfield before swarming him before the referee called an end to the action in the first round.

Although it could have been worse, there was major uproar from many in the combat sports world towards Triller for allowing Holyfield to compete against Belfort.

Others believe Holyfield should not be competing whatsoever, especially given how slow he looked on the pads leading up to the Belfort fight.

Not that it seems to have played any role. Kavanaugh is hoping Holyfield fights again — this time, against someone closer to his age.

“Hopefully I think Holyfield will end up fighting someone again, hopefully people see as better suited,” Kavanaugh said on The MMA Hour (via Michael Benson). “Whether it’s Tyson or someone like that.”

There was talk of a Holyfield vs. Tyson III boxing match in the past.

While it would certainly be much more suitable opponent, given how good Tyson looked against Roy Jones Jr., it may not be the best idea for Holyfield to fight him a third time.