Anthony Joshua Reportedly ‘Boxed Tyson Fury’s Head Off’ In Secret Sparring Match

Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury is one of the biggest fights to be made in boxing, but apparently, when they sparred it was very one-sided.

Joshua and Fury were supposed to fight this year but after an arbitrator ruled Deontay Wilder was owed the third fight, the fight was scratched. Although to many, it would be the first time Joshua and Fury would have fought each other, that is not true.

“A friend of mine George Carman, a boxing man, rang me up and said Tyson is coming down to London to do Steve Bunce’s hour,” coach Sean Murphy explained onΒ BBC 5 Live. “I’ve got committee members all standing at the back, people have got wind he’s going to be here. And then Tyson puts his hands together and he goes ‘bring it on.'”

When they started sparring, according to people in the gym, it was clear Anthony Joshua was better than Tyson Fury and hurt him a few times.

“They’ve come out and Josh has thrown an uppercut, left hook and he’s on wobbly legs! He’s holding the ropes and I’m telling him ‘no you can’t do that you can’t hold the ropes’ and he gets off, but Josh got the better of him in the third round,” Brady said. “I’ve said to him for the second to just go and do what he’s done, but Tyson starts mouthing off to Josh, getting in his ear talking to him.

“So Josh is getting a bit wild, trying to knock him out, and I had to tell him to stick to his boxing and do what I told him and ignore the talking,” he continued. “So he’s gone out the next round, ignored it and boxed his head off and I’ve said ‘come on jump out’.”

After reportedly being hurt and boxed up, Fury demanded another round against Anthony Joshua but that never happened.

“Tyson Fury’s gone ‘no, no, no,’ and he’s begging for one more round,” he concluded. “I went ‘no, get out Josh, you’ve done three rounds’, because I knew what the craic was, he was going to try and put it on him. Josh probably could have dealt with it, but I wasn’t going to have it because I’m not sending an amateur in with a professional and not let him get something out of it.”

Whether or not this story is true is uncertain, but we will likely see them in the ring sometime soon.

What do you make of this story that Joshua beat up Fury in sparring?