Anthony Joshua Training For Best Tyson Fury Despite Overweight Claims In Beach Video

Joshua Fury

Anthony Joshua is only training for the best Tyson Fury according to Eddie Hearn.

Though nothing is official yet, a highly-anticipated heavyweight title unification clash between the pair is slated to take place in the near future with a rematch also in store later this year.

However, Fury recently made headlines in a video last week where he jumped into the sea at Morecambe Beach.

Many observers noted that Fury looked overweight in the video which sparked questions as to whether he was focused on his potential fight with Joshua.

Joshua’s promoter Hearn was also among those who felt the WBC heavyweight champion had packed on the weight. However, when he relayed those concerns to his fighter, Joshua didn’t seem too bothered.

“I said to AJ (Joshua) the other day ‘did you see Fury jump into the sea? He looked like me!’” Hearn said in an interview with Seconds Out (via Middle Easy). “The response from AJ was ‘we’re gonna get the best Tyson Fury, so I don’t care if he’s carrying a bit of extra weight right now, I’m training for the best ever Tyson Fury’

“And, make no mistake, Fury will be in top shape for this fight.”

As for the fight, there are no concrete updates as far as Hearn is concerned.

However, he noted that Joshua is taking the fight very seriously going by how much he is training.

“We’ve still probably got maybe four or five months to go,” Hearn added. “He [Joshua] hasn’t even started camp yet, I think the impressive thing from both these guys is they haven’t stopped training.

“AJ, since his last fight, he don’t wanna stop training. I even said to him, ‘what about a little bit of warm weather? Go and relax a little bit? You don’t wanna over-train.’ He said, ‘No, I’m fine at Finchley.’

“He’s sparring, he’s training, he’s preparing for the fight of his life.”

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