Exclusive: Artem Lobov Wants Pro Boxing Debut Against Paulie Malignaggi On Logan Paul-KSI Card

Artem Lobov

Artem Lobov is a prizefighter. “The Russian Hammer” wants to challenge himself in all aspects of combat sports and make money while doing it.

This past summer, Lobov continued his bare-knuckle boxing career with BKFC, defeating former WBA welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi via decision. It was a massive win for Lobov, who now has the itch to step into the actual professional boxing ring and make his debut. Given Malignaggi felt robbed in their first fight, Lobov tells LowKickMMA he’d love to give Malignaggi the rematch inside the professional boxing ring.

In fact, he wouldn’t mind doing it on the DAZN card headlined by YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI, who are making their own professional boxing debuts in the main event.

“You know, I’m a prizefighter,” Lobov said. “I go where the opportunities are. Whatever pays more, that’s where I fight. So, you never know. I still might make my way back into the UFC, who knows what the future holds. I don’t really know as of yet. For now, I really want to move into professional boxing. I love to fight in a pro boxing ring. Maybe Paulie Malignaggi, you know, he said he thought he was robbed or whatever.

“I’d be happy to give him a rematch in the boxing ring if he wants to. Maybe we could even do it on the – what’s that? Logan Paul or whatever, KSI card. I’ve seen a few fights announced for that already. I’d have no problem fighting on that. I feel a fight like me and Paulie would make that card more legit. Because now, some people hear that going – they’re not taking it very serious, they’re saying it’s more of a gimmick, or just a show.

“But I think if you put some really good fights on the card it could be a huge success because it has a lot of eyes on it already. So why not show those people that will be watching anyway, why not show them a real fight? Earn a couple of new fans. I’d definitely do that.”

The KSI-Logan Paul card has received quite a bit of backlash from the combat sports community. Many are upset that a fighter the caliber of Ben Saunders is fighting on the undercard of an event headlined by two YouTube stars making their pro boxing debuts. However, the way Lobov sees it, it’s an opportunity to make the sport more mainstream than it already is.

“I feel good about it,” Lobov said. “Why not? Once it gets the attention, that’s no problem. That’s all good. It helps to grow the sport, it helps to make the sport more mainstream than it is. So I see nothing negative of it. People will tune in, whoever doesn’t want to see their fight, they can turn it off.

“They can just watch the actual boxing fights, or if somebody is curious, they can watch the whole thing. Nobody is making or forcing anyone to watch anything. We’re giving people the option, there’s clearly a lot of interest, and you’ll see for yourself whatever you want to see.”

What do you think about Lobov wanting to box Malignaggi on the Logan Paul-KSI card?

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