Ben Davison Believes The Delay Has Benefited Tyson Fury

Ben Davison, Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury’s former trainer Ben Davison believes the delay in the Oleksandr Usyk fight benefits ‘The Gypsy King’ greatly.

Davison believes the extra time off for Fury allowed him to get back into shape. Along with getting into shape, Davison believes it also allowed Fury more time to study Usyk which the trainer believes will play a big role.

“The delay’s worked in his favor. The fact that he got cut in the sparring is potentially a sign that he probably lost the weight quite quickly following the Ngannou fight. That’s something I’ve noticed. How his skin looks now and how he looks now tells me he’s in better condition at that weight now. [His strengths are his] versatility. His size. His temperament. His mentality. He’s got lots and lots and lots of strengths, and that’s why he’s achieved what he’s achieved. I don’t want to go into his weaknesses – that would be unfair because I know him well,” Davison said (via BoxingScene).

“I wouldn’t want to do that. It’s down to the teams to prepare well enough to exploit each other’s weaknesses. [Usyk’s] got a very high IQ. He’s very fast at processing. Things can be happening in the ring at a high tempo and he’d able to process that information and make those adjustments at a high tempo. [He’s] phenomenal. Both the guys are phenomenal – that’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re all here, and it’s such a big event. A fight [with Usyk is one] I’d love to get the chance to do with Anthony Joshua again, so I’m not gonna talk on his weaknesses, ‘cause that’s a fight that I would love. I’m confident of being able to help ‘AJ’ put that right,” Davison continued.

The oddsmakers currently have the fight as a pick’em, which Ben Davison thinks is fair because it is the two best heavyweights going at it. He’s also excited to see how mentally the two fare as both are known to break down their opponents well.

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