Bob Arum Blasts Katie Abdo After Fury-Wilder Presser

Fury Arum

Bob Arum was not a fan of the way Katie Abdo handled the final press conference between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder on Wednesday.

During the press conference, Fury and Wilder hurled insults at one another and it got heated. The press conference was also hosted by Fox’s Kate Abdo as she was the only one who could ask questions. After they got heated, Abdo wanted them to do a faceoff which likely would’ve led to them shoving each other. With that, Arum shut down the plan for a faceoff and blasted Abdo for trying to do it.

“This is still a sport,” Arum said, clearly exorcised (via Yahoo! Sports). “In the ring, they can kill each other and beat the s*** out of each other. But before the fight, you’ve got to control them so they don’t do something like that. You know that if they had done a face-off here, they’d have shoved each other. There was no security up there. There was this broad [Abdo] egging them on. Because she’s with Fox, she was totally prejudiced [for Wilder], but Tyson wouldn’t let her get away with it. Who was going to stop anything?

“They’re emotional. They’re fighters,” Arum continued. “They’re human beings and they’ve insulted each other in front of the world. They were saying the worst things about each other, which is acceptable. Words don’t do any damage. Now you put them together like they’re angry dogs.”

What also made Bob Arum mad was the fact there was no security on the stage in case something happened between Fury and Wilder. He believes Fox wanted something to happen but Arum stepped in and he believes he saved the fight.

“Fox ran this event [and] of course you should have security,” Arum said. “Of course. PBC did its job. They were arguing with Fox, ‘No face-off, get security, etc.’ They understand. They’re boxing people.

“These friggin’ people from Fox, they don’t know crap. They bring this woman in from the U.K., and she’s slanting all of the press conference to Wilder,” Arum concluded. “I don’t give a damn, but it’s obvious that’s what she was doing. She knew that the understanding was no face-off. Tom Brown [of TGB Promotions] argued with Fox for no face-off. We said no face-off. What does she say? ‘We’re going to do a face-off. [Expletive] her and [expletive] them. No face-off and we saved the fight.”

What do you make of Bob Arum blasting Kate Abdo?