Bob Arum Slams Deontay Wilder For ‘Disgraceful’ Claims

Bob Arum

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum has ripped into former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder who made several sensational claims this weekend in attempt to excuse his loss to Tyson Fury earlier this year.

In a statement released on Saturday Wilder accused Fury of loading his gloves. He also accused referee Kenny Bayless of being bias against him in the fight and claimed his each coach Mark Breland spiked his water with some type of muscle relaxer before the bout.

Arum addressed Wilder’s “disgraceful” claims in an interview with IFL TV, he said.

“For him to castigate Kenny Bayless, the referee, and Mark Breland, his chief corner man, the way he did is disgraceful. They acted properly and they saved Wilder’s life from taking any further punishment when he was completely out and getting thrashed by Tyson Fury.”

“Secondly, this talk about the way gloves the way he did is disgraceful, because you have to understand the situation with the gloves in the state of Nevada where the fight took place. The day before the fight at the weigh-in, the gloves are presented to the commission who inspects the gloves. Each side then examines the gloves and then each fighter picks a pair of gloves as the gloves they’re gonna use in the fight, and a second pair in case something happens to the glove during the fight, that they could use.

“Then the gloves are secured by the commission, and they’re kept in a safe place so nobody can tamper with them. The night of the fight, a commission inspector brings the gloves that each fighter has signed his name on to the respective fighter, who has already put on his wraps — approved handwraps, approved by the commission, handwraps being signed, and the gloves are put on in the presence of the inspector that brought the gloves, and the inspector that’s assigned to the room.

“Nobody, nobody can tamper with the gloves. I mean, what he has done is taken something probably from a movie that used to happen maybe in the 30s and 40s, and used that as a conspiracy to explain how he got beaten, and decisively beaten by Tyson Fury. It is reprehensible for him to do something like that, and it defies all belief for anybody that knows how these things happen.

“Now the normal fan doesn’t understand — they may think you can bring your gloves to the fight, and you can doctor the gloves, and they inspect or don’t inspect. That can’t happen with gloves, at least in Nevada where the fight took place.

“What Wilder said is a sham.” (Transcribed by Bad Left Hook)

Do you agree with Bob Arum? Has Deontay Wilder disgraced himself with his various excuses for losing to Tyson Fury?