Boxers We Wish Would Fight Jake Paul

Jake Paul

For better or for worse, boxing is currently going through its YouTube era. In the past half-a-decade, many stars of the internet’s most popular video sharing platform have migrated into the boxing world. Some of the most noteworthy have been Logan Paul, his younger brother Jake Paul and their rivals from across the pond, Joe Weller and KSI. This has attracted both praise and derision by professional boxers, as well as by ardent followers of the sport. 

Commenters of the social media and boxing crossover have highlighted that these new fighters bring in lots more attention onto the sport, and will result in many more fans learning the beauty of the combative art. This will then bring in much more money, which can be used to further fund the industry from the bottom to the top. However, detractors argue that it makes a mockery of proceedings, with these amateurs just paying their way to sit atop the boxing pyramid, without putting in the required hours of training or fighting their way to the top. 

Whichever side of the argument you fall on, you can’t deny that these YouTube boxers can be ignored. They’re everywhere at the moment, especially the previously mentioned Jake Paul. Well, with him always seeming to choose to face UFC fighters, we thought we’d discuss which boxers we really wish he’d be able to fight. 

Tommy Fury 

This fight has been in the pipeline for an absolute age, and just when it looks like it’s about to happen, it gets cancelled. Tommy Fury is the younger half-brother of the heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, and although he’s not as physically commanding as his bigger brother, he still looks like an able fighter. 

We’d like to see this fight actually happen because it would give us a much better insight into what Jake Paul’s boxing ability is. It would be a tough fight to call, as Paul has in fact impressed at times in the ring. There’s no doubt that it would be a tight contest, and would be difficult for bookmakers around the world to pick a favourite.  

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

Jake’s older brother, Logan Paul, might have already faced off against Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr. last year, but it was barely a fight. The result of the exhibition match was officially a draw, but it seemed like Logan Paul had completely gassed himself out by the fourth round, and that Mayweather could’ve just gently pushed him over to get the knockout from that point on. 

Somehow though, the fight went the full distance, lasting for eight rounds, with Logan Paul even having the cheek at the end to showboat. It didn’t take a genius to work out that Mayweather had clearly pulled his punches, and he admitted as much after the fight. Whilst doing an interview on talkSPORT, he remarked that he would’ve knocked him out in the first round in a ‘real fight’.

We’d love to see Mayweather complete the Paul double show, and fight Jake this time round. Although this time, we don’t want to see him hold back at all. It would be fascinating viewing watching Jake Paul try to land a punch on probably the best defensive boxer of all-time. 

Ali mural
Ali, we need you back champ…

Muhammed Ali

With Jake Paul bizarrely claiming that he’s the greatest thing to happen to boxing in a century, it would be oh so sweet to watch him fight the actual greatest of the past 100 years, Muhammed Ali. Ok, so this entry takes some real imagining, what with Ali sadly passing away back in 2016. But if we had the magical powers, we’d love to resurrect ‘The People’s Champion’, and have him lace up his gloves and step into the ring to remind everyone what boxing at its peak looks like. 

Sure, it wouldn’t take long for Ali to float around Paul like a butterfly and sting him like a bee, but it would hopefully teach the YouTuber to not spout so much ridiculousness.