Carl Froch Claims Jake Paul Was Exposed In Loss To Tommy Fury, Doubts The YouTuber Will Ever Box Him

Carl Froch

Carl Froch thinks Jake Paul got exposed on Sunday in Saudi Arabia in his loss to Tommy Fury.

Paul suffered his first career loss to Fury by split decision in a pretty competitive fight. But, Froch -who was vocal in wanting to face Paul – wasn’t impressed with him. He also thinks because Paul lost, the YouTuber-turned-boxer will no longer want to box him.

“Jake Paul knows how to throw a bit of a punch but he doesn’t throw it correctly. He’s got no balance, his center of gravity is all wrong, and when he’s on his back foot he panics, shuts his eyes, looks for the floor, ducks low and then looks to hold. He does so much wrong. He’s a white-collar fighter. Jake Paul is a beginner, a white-collar type fighter. It was ok, it was competitive at times. Jake landed a few shots but it was like watching a white-collar boxing match. It wasn’t the best,” Froch told BonusCodeBet.

“It kills him that I don’t give him any credit. The reason I don’t give him any credit is he doesn’t deserve credit. He doesn’t belong in professional fighting. He’s a YouTube sensation. Now Tommy has exposed him I think Jake will think ‘Carl Froch is right’ – he will think he does not belong as a professional or have a right to call himself a professional fighter. The only chance he would have is against a retired pro. And that’s a small chance. He will not fight me. He’s not that stupid.”

Although Carl Froch doesn’t think Jake Paul will box him, if he does, Froch thinks it won’t last long. Even though Froch is 45-years-old and retired, he believes he would stop Paul early into the match.

“The only fight that ticks the box is Jake Paul. Even though he lost to Tommy it was at times a competitive fight. I’m nine years retired, so who knows what would happen, I’ve not been in the boxing ring since in any capacity. But I’d make mincemeat of him, it’d be an easy fight. I’d smash I’m to bits inside two rounds, but that’s in my head. The reality might be different. I’d think we’d fill Wembley. Minimum 80,000,” Froch said.

“What would it take to get me in the ring with Jake Paul? Not much, not much at all. In his head he might think Froch is nine years retired, has silver hair, and is old at 45, and maybe he thinks he can redeem himself for losing,” Froch added. “I’d love to fight Jake Paul and smash him to bits. But I think he was exposed last night against a novice-pro. He’s talking about winning world titles – never going to happen. You’re not good enough. You don’t have the ability, skill, mindset – you just know how to make money being a clown. That’s what he is, a performing clown. He’s not a professional fighter. Now he’s lost to Tommy, me and Jake doesn’t make any sense. For me Paul has been massively exposed for what he is, an area level fighter, he’d struggle to win an area level fight.  He’s nowhere near good enough to win a British title and that’s being kind. 

“I’d need to be in shape to do at least two rounds at a decent pace,” Froch concluded. “Maybe that’s giving Jake too much credit. I’d get behind the jab for a minute, throw a few feints, make him react, he’d come in and throw a big overhand right and I’d time him. It would be like taking candy from a baby. Move in close, take the lollipop out of his hand, and place it into my mouth and walk off with the lollipop, walk off with the prize candy. He would not last a round. If he lasted a round I’d be disgusted with myself.”

Would you like to see Carl Froch vs. Jake Paul?

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